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There is a whole variety of companies offering all sorts of services for the Internet, from computer programmers to advertising agencies. Paul Swinney Marketing can offer more. The Paul Swinney Internet team are specialists in generating business, they have learnt from what has made our company famous. Our Internet sites are designed from a sales and marketing point of view giving your business an edge.

Every day more and more businesses and consumers sign up to view the internet. It is the way ahead, and the future. You may have been wondering about an Internet Site for your business. If you are one of the many companies who simply haven’t got the time or the expertise, you can turn to professionals to do the job for you, and we can show you just how simple it can be.


Paul Swinney Marketing has been established for 21 years and handles work from many clients, large and small. We are dedicated to customer service and are experts in marketing. We specialise in projects when getting high results from a limited budget is important. Although good all rounders, our graphic and internet design department is one of our specialities. We offer full support to all our customers with the emphasis being on quality and long-term relationships. Our other marketing services, such as advertisement design or telesales for example, can turn a simple internet site into a powerful promotion.
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View our website portfolio

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