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Welcome to our marketing and business ideas page. Wouldn't it be wonderful to come up with brand new ideas all the time, that is especially so in our business when the pressure is on to help our clients generate more sales. Please keep it quiet, but many ideas that our clients think are brand new might have been tried out before.

One of the best methods of coming up with some new is to ADAPT & ADOPT other ideas that you know has worked for somebody else. This is made altogether better if they are good ones that have been use before very successfully.

Come on....
...Share that idea you had that really did the business....


Here are just some to wet your appetite

Tease customers by advertising that you have special "One Day" offers - don't tell them what the offers are. They will find it difficult not to phone and check your offers before going elsewhere.

Business Idea from: Paul Swinney Marketing

Newsletters are great for keeping in touch with you customers, but so often they are BORING. Keep everything in it of interest to the reader. Your average customer probably doesn't give a ***** what you new building looks like or how clever you have been. Be a bit subtle when talking about yourself or your company. Your must make it exciting and about the concerns the interests of your customers and not an ego trip for the directors. When kept light, interesting, and genuinely informative a newsletter is a superb marketing tool for keeping customer loyalty and gaining more business.

Business Idea from: Paul Swinney Marketing

TURN A COMPLAINT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! We recently sent out a mail-shot and unfortunately missed to postage stamp off a dozen or so envelopes. After receiving the complaints, we wrote back and sent the home owner two first class stamps plus a £1 lottery ticket. We explained that the lottery numbers chosen were taken from telephone number and our company registration. The response we received from these "complainers" has proved to be far higher than the rest of the mail-shot. It has also been proved that if you deal with "complainers" quickly and efficiently they will be your best advocates.

Business Idea from: Chris Jordan
Bureau Insurance Services Ltd

SAY THANK YOU! And then ask them for more! When you have completed your job, delivered your goods or fixed the equipment for the customer. Why not write to them and say "Thank You" and that you hope they are delighted with the encounter they have had with your Company. Customers at this point will be feeling a little warm towards you. So, why not make hay why the sun shines and ask them to recommend others, or asking them if there is anything more you can do for them.

Business Idea from: Peter Gorwyn-Lambert

FREE WITH THIS! Powerful statement isn't it? Well the next time you want to give something free with you product to help you sell it, make sure it isn't a line you would normally sell - better to give away something of a high perceived value that somebody else sells. This gives you the opportunity to make even further sales as you have not eroded you potential.

Business Idea from: Paul Swinney Marketing


We will be publishing an extensive list of ideas for business's to help themselves get better performance, get more sales, generate more leads, create more profit & lots more!
We ask you to submit an idea of your own - we will publish it and in exchange we will also publish a link, with brief information about you company, back to your business.



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GET YOUR CUSTOMERS TO ENDORSE YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICE! Had any good letters from your customers lately, telling you how wonderful you are! Well if you haven't there is no reason why you shouldn't ask them for a quote. Some how it appeals to their ego to asked for their opinion of your Company. You are bound to get some extracts that you can use. In most cases you will even do some extra business for just keeping in-touch. If all fails - you will probably learn where you may have some problems. In the same vain. especially of you are mostly business to business. Write to your customers for a nice quote, and tell them if it's very good you will feature it in your forthcoming advertising. You get your quote and they get a free mention.

Business Idea from: Nick Holmes

When you are making contact with your existing customers and are you getting them to recommend their friends and associates? People in the main like to encourage their friends to do the same activities as they themselves do. They want them to enjoy the same sort of music, support the same sports team, eat at the same restaurants etc. etc. It's a natural habit and we as marketeers can exploit it. If they like you or your service, they will probably be recommending you any way. With a little bit of encouragement, information of your latest offers and may be a reward you could gain a lot more. Often in amongst your customers there are budding salespeople who with a little reward will continue to bring you several new customers time after time. I know of one company who reckons he gets around 10% of his new business this way by offering a cash incentive.

Business Idea from: Paul Swinney Marketing

Will will be publishing the full list very soon!

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